Every year on 14th June, the world celebrates World Blood Donor Day. I’m sure it goes without saying how important a day like this is too many lives. This day is to not only celebrate and express the appreciation to blood donors, but to also raise awareness about the need for safe blood globally.

Giving blood can be life changing, it’s a small gesture with a huge impact. Highlighted below is just only a few reasons why it’s a great decision:

  • You can save three people’s lives with a single blood donation.
  • Someone needs blood every three seconds.
  • One in three Australians will require it at some point in their lives.
  • That could mean one day it might be someone you love who needs it, or it might even be you.
  • It’s a good deed that doesn’t cost you a cent.
  • You can help accident victims who’ve suffered massive blood loss and might need numerous red-cell transfusions.
  • In Australia, we need more than 26,000 donations per week to keep our supply topped up.
  • You can donate blood every 12 weeks, that means you can save 12 people’s lives every year (How rewarding is that!)

Australia has over 100 Red Cross Centre’s across the country where you can donate. The whole process is designed to make you feel comfortable and accomplished. The donation only takes about 5-15 minutes, then after you get to chill out for as long as you need and enjoy some complimentary snacks and refreshments….You even get a text message when your donation is on its way to the hospital to save a life!

Above are photos of some of our team who participated in World Blood Donor Day this year, and this is what they had to say about their experience:

‘Donating blood is an easy thing to do. It is immensely rewarding to know that such a simple act can be of such significant impact to someone in need’.  – Greg Quin

‘I have seen first-hand how critical it is to have a love one needing blood and to save her life. It is such an amazing cause to get behind and to know that you are making a difference and saving someone’s life. It was also awesome to know that less than a week I received a message saying my donation was off to Royal Perth Hospital to save a life.’ – Alanah Comande

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Rikki-Lee Bird is a Practice Manager at HLB Mann Judd Insolvency WA . Rikki-Lee helps oversees the daily operations of the firm as well as managers Book-keeping and Marketing. 

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