Frequently Asked Questions

You are a creditor if you are owed money.

You have various options to recover your money, but it depends if the company is still operating or already in external administration.  

If you are owed money by one of the companies or individuals we are representing, or to talk about your recovery options generally, contact us today.

We suggest you read the correspondence in detail to gain an understanding of how matters are being conducted and to get an idea of whether you will recover any of your debt.

The report may contain a request to approve the appointee’s remuneration, which you can opt to respond to if you so choose.

The report should also contain a claim form, which you can complete and return to the external administrator’s office to lodge your claim.

You are welcome to attend the meeting if you so choose. You can also appoint a proxy to attend the meeting on your behalf in order to ask questions and gain some insight into how the external administration is being conducted.

You can vote on any resolutions bought up at the meeting too, whether attending in person or by proxy, on the basis that you have a valid right to attend and vote at the meeting.

If you need any assistance completing any meeting related paperwork, or if you have any queries, please contact us.

Yes of course. We welcome creditors to get in touch with us to raise concerns about the conduct of directors and bankrupts.

We will require a written submission about your concerns before we can take any further action however.

Yes – you will be notified by the external administrator, although it is important to ensure that your contact details are correct in the event that you change address.  

In corporate insolvency matters, dividend related notices (and notices of appointments and meetings) are lodged on the Published Notices Website.  


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