Like you, we have a high degree of care and empathy for the people we meet and deal with.

We take pride in helping people either come up with a plan that avoids the need for a formal insolvency appointment, or, where no other options exist, by taking on an appointment as an external administrator, where we act with professionalism, integrity, impartiality and empathy.

We try to avoid formal appointments where possible. We look at all options to assist your clients.

We have a proven track record across a wide range of industries, so whether it is a trade-on engagement or a wind-up, we will be able to assist your clients.

Cheat Sheets

Corporate Insolvency Cheat Sheet

Personal Insolvency Cheat Sheet

I have a client who is showing signs of financial distress – how can I assist them?

If there is one thing we like to communicate to accountants and other advisors to assist their clients have the best chance of avoiding a formal insolvency appointment, it would be to make contact with us early, before it is too late and where some options are no longer viable.

If you have a client that is struggling to make ends meet, or even if the warning signs have only recently become apparent, then get in touch with us to talk about the options available to them.

You can contact our Principal, Kim Wallman, at any time on 08 9215 7900, 0411 619 256 or via email to to either make an introduction or to arrange a confidential, cost free and obligation free meeting.

I have a client who is solvent, however a liquidation is required to distribute the capital and reserves in a tax effective way – do you do Members Voluntary Liquidations?

Yes we do. As you are aware, a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation is often a tax effective method of bringing the affairs of a solvent company to an end by settling the claims of creditors in full and distributing the surplus assets of the company to its members.

The Liquidator does not always physically realise assets, as they may be transferred to the members in specie as part of the distribution process.

The appointment of a Liquidator under these circumstances provides a tax effective way to distribute assets to the members of the company.

To speak with us further regrading whether a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation may be appropriate in your situation, please contact us on 08 9215 7900 for a cost and obligation free consultation.

Complimentary on-site insolvency staff training

The area of insolvency is complex. There are different types of insolvency administrations with many moving parts, all which achieve different outcomes for stakeholders and have different impacts on directors and individuals.

Fortunately for you, we are insolvency specialists.

We have been delivering complimentary, customised, on-site staff training sessions for years. Our content is designed to increase the knowledge of your staff in the area of insolvency and the warning signs to look out for – so they can better serve your clients.

We fit in around your professional development calendar and can be available at short notice.

See below for the topics we can deliver to your staff:

  • Directors Penalty Notices
  • Safe Harbour protection for Directors
  • Preference Recoveries
  • Bankruptcy & Part X arrangements under the Bankruptcy Act
  • The difference between Voluntary Administration, Liquidations and Receiverships, how Voluntary Administrations can be beneficial to your client
  • ATO recovery action including section 509(H) and winding up notices as a debt collecting tool
  • Asset protection for professionals
  • Matters to look out for when reviewing your clients’ financials – is your client insolvent? Traps for the compliance accountant

Get in touch with Millie of our office to arrange a session today (08) 9215 7900.

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