We remove the uncertainty of dealing with stress of personal debt and give you options to move ahead with confidence

We help people address all manners of personal debt issues, whether they arise from a business, a failed investment or consumer debt, we objectively and respectfully assist you with understanding all of your options and how they could benefit you.

We have a vast amount of experience and respect within our industry, so you can take comfort in knowing that when you deal with us, we will have your best interests in mind. 

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HLB Mann Judd Insolvency WA can assist you with any questions you have. We offer obligation free, cost free consultations. Contact our office on 08 9215 7900 to arrange a meeting.

Upon bankruptcy, your Trustee becomes the owner of your share in any property that is in your name.

How your Trustee deals with your share in property depends on whether it is encumbered and/or owned with other people.

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AFSA – What happens to my house?

No, however you may be required to make contributions to your estate during the term of your bankruptcy, depending on your level of income and whether you have any dependents.

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AFSA – How does bankruptcy affect my income and employment?



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