Many people are eager to celebrate their birthdays. And if someone’s birthday falls on a weekday, they’ll be spending a precious chunk of that day at work. This month we are lucky enough to celebrate not only one, but four birthdays. Laura (9th July), Louise (10th July), Myself (Alanah, 13th July) and our spiritual leader, Brian (25th July).

We start thinking about life-changing choices

Many people have a rough idea of the roadmap of their lives, like being a certain age when they get married, or be promoted to a leadership role, or buying their first home. That’s what makes birthdays a great time to reflect. Did they reach their goals? What was the highest high and lowest low of the previous year? In this way, birthdays are a time to contemplate current circumstances. 

Benefits of recognising employee birthdays

The simple act of identifying an employee’s birthday is first and foremost a beautiful thing to do but also contributes to the employee’s experience in several ways.

Showing appreciation for an employee’s birthday makes the individual feel rewarded and increases their emotional commitment to the company and its goals. This increase in employee engagement results in improved work motivation and dedication, positively impacting your company.

When it is a work colleague’s birthday here at HLB Insolvency, the troop rallies together and pitches in money to buy a meaningful present, and the bosses Kim Wallman and Greg Quin put on a morning tea and coffee.

Once again, Happy Birthday to our July babies here is to a great 2020.

About the author

Alanah Comande is our Receptionist, Administration and Marketing Support at HLB Mann Judd Insolvency WA. Alanah assists with the daily operations of the Marketing and Administration of the firm.

If you have any queries about insolvency matters, please feel free to contact us on 08 9215 7900.


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