CPW Services WA Pty Ltd (In Liquidation)

ACN 137 556 980

Trading names: CPW Services WA

Liquidator: Kim Wallman

Date of Appointment: 22/12/2016

Type of Appointment: Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation

Contact person: Dilyana Panova

Ph: (08) 9215 7904

Email: ZHBhbm92YUBobGJpbnNvbC5jb20uYXU=

Creditors correspondence

Annual Report to Creditors – 21 March 2018

Dividend Notice – 13 November 2017

Outcome of Second Meeting – 22 December 2016

439A Report – 14 December 2016

First Letter to Creditors – 23 November 2016

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Meeting – 22 December 2016

Minutes of Meeting – 2 December 2016


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